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The Air Jordan5 (V) Retro males 3/4 - Lenny is a classic, it is first released in May 2000, the retail price of 120 yuan. Many shoes predator released again with other friends Jordan Retro Authentic Jordan shoes 5 in 2006 or 2007. Unfortunately, they did not. Nicknamed Lenny high school basketball team because Michael Jordan attended featured as the school's official colors. Jordan Laney V cap covering white leather, yellow and blue mid sole use, and the 23rd next to the shoes. It also comes with a blue tongue print yellow Jumpman logo, which is designed to help Jordan fans crazy.
When Jordan in 2013 of the V Lenny release? Its reported Air Jordan5 Lenny arrived in October 2. How much one pair of Air Jordan Laney cost? Official retail price of $ 170. Where can I buy Authentic Jordan shoes really cheap Lenny 5, you can pre-order on our website Lanry, low price of $ 129.99 including shipping.